Home Owner

At Burkhart Insurance, we strive to ensure that your home is covered correctly and completely. We do this by covering your home at full replacement cost value.

Replacement Cost vs. Market Value
Market Value is the price a buyer would be willing to pay to buy your house
Replacement Cost is the cost to replace or rebuild your home to its original standards if it were to be destroyed. Replacement cost is the amount at which your home should be covered by insurance.

How do we ensure you are covered?

  • Property Inspection
    • We have an inspector review and measure your home in person
    • This inspector enters information from your home into a computer system that calculates the estimated Replacement Cost Value of your home
  • Dedicated Agents
    • Your agent will ask meaningful questions and work with you to make sure that all of your possessions are covered the right way
    • (Did you know that on a standard policy, jewelry and firearms have only limited coverage, or that boats and motorized vehicles are not covered if they leave your property?)
    • Your agent can create a policy that is tailored to you, ensuring that these items are covered along with your other possessions
    • Your agent will also answer questions and address any concerns you have concerning your coverage
    • With annual reviews and by staying in contact with you, your agent will make sure that your policy is kept up-to-date as you make changes and updates to your home

You may want to consider an umbrella policy to help supplement the limits of your home owner policy. Click Here to learn more.

The insurance professionals at Burkhart Insurance Agency, Inc. will gladly answer all of your insurance questions and work with you to develop a solution for insurance coverage to meet your needs.
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