Medicare Supplements

Teri Goodwin
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Margie Case

Burkhart Insurance offers competitive Medicare Supplement rates that will not strain your budget.

There are various plans available, However, Medicare Supplement plan F is generally our most popular plan, because it has the most comprehensive coverage available. If you purchase this plan, you will rarely pay medical bills, because all medical and hospital deductibles and co-payments are covered.

You have spent most of your life working. Now it is time to enjoy your retirement. Let us take care of your Medicare Supplement worries. Contact Teri Goodwin or Margie Case to discover how easy a Medicare Supplement with Burkhart Insurance can be.

Companies represented by Burkhart Insurance include:

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Pekin Life Insurance Company
  • United of Omaha Life Insurance Company
  • Gerber Life Insurance Company

The insurance professionals at Burkhart Insurance Agency, Inc. will gladly answer all of your insurance questions and work with you to develop a solution for insurance coverage to meet your needs.
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