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Business Owners Package Policy

Bundle Your Insurance with BOP and Save.

BOP (or a Business Owners Package Policy) is, in the simplest terms, bundled insurance. It helps small businesses get the most competitive insurance plans at the best price. But it also ensures your company is fully covered. Burkhart Insurance loves meeting with small businesses to find out your needs, goals and which BOP policy is just right for you. Let’s get started and see how much money you can save.

What does a BOP policy include?

Most BOP policies will include these top three coverages for small businesses:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage
  • Property Insurance
  • Income Loss Insurance

Do you have to meet certain criteria to qualify for a BOP policy?

BOP policies are designed for small to mid-size businesses (less than 100 employees and you generate less than $5 million in annual sales). Specific examples of businesses that may benefit from exploring their options and cost-savings with a BOP policy include:

  • Small retail stores
  • Coffee shops, local restaurants, and caterers
  • Independent doctors and dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Pet Groomers
  • Florists

Why doesn’t every small business use BOP?

If your company deals with highly specialized or high-risk operations, has a large premise, or needs business interruption coverage to last longer than 12 months, BOP probably isn’t the best fit for you. The coverage limits simply won’t be sufficient enough. Your Burkhart Insurance team will walk you through whether a BOP policy will carry adequate coverage for your business or if you need to build a more customized plan with individual coverage options.

Are all BOP policies the same?

Not with an independent insurance agency like Burkhart Insurance! A lot of insurance companies write business that caters to their ideal customer – and that differs from place to place. Burkhart Insurance can shop our network of top-rated insurance carriers to bring you quotes and recommendations on the best coverage and premium prices for your business.