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Property Insurance

Property Insurance Covers More than Your Building.

Property insurance is a must-have for many business owners. It covers the obvious, such as the physical structure or location of your building, but it also covers business personal property and your business income. That makes it one powerful policy to have in your pocket should something ever happen.

How do I know if my business needs property insurance?

A good rule of thumb to follow for property insurance is if your business has a physical location, you’ll want to make sure you have coverage. A lot of retail and service businesses will fall into this category, but it makes sense for other industries, too.

How does Burkhart determine how much coverage I need?

Give us a call and talk to one of our licensed insurance agents. We’ll help you determine the amount of insurance you need based off your inventory, equipment, and a few other business personal property factors.

When would I use business property insurance?

Property insurance has a pretty broad scope of coverage. Some of the more common situations businesses use property insurance for include:

Building Coverage

  • Your business experiences a fire
  • An act of nature causes extensive damage to your building
  • Someone vandalizes your business

Business Personal Property

  • Someone breaks in and steals and/or damages your equipment or inventory
  • Your computers were damaged or stolen
  • A customer’s property was stolen while in your care
  • Personal or financial data is lost or stolen
  • Your business loses power and perishable items are destroyed

Business Income

  • You can’t open your store due to damages or repairs being made
  • You’re not making rent off of the property while it is being repaired

Are there any add-ons I should consider?

Absolutely! Policy enhancements allow Burkhart Insurance to truly tailor your business insurance plan to you. Some options you have for additional coverage include: employee dishonesty coverage (helps recoup losses if you find an employee has stolen money or property from your business), equipment breakdown coverage, and coverage for outdoor signs.