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General Liability

General Liability Protects You.

Every business needs liability insurance. The main reason behind this is that anyone who encounters you and your business can file a claim. The reasons behind those claims can range from someone getting hurt to someone arguing over contract terms. If you aren’t properly covered, you and your business could be at risk from customers who are unhappy with a contract or vendors who get injured while delivering packages to your business or home office.

Burkhart Insurance will help you determine what your general liability must-haves need to include. We’ll assess the level of risk your business operates at and make recommendations regarding the level of coverage you need to succeed.

Does liability insurance cover medical expenses?

If someone is injured while at your place of business, medical expenses would be covered under your policy.  This does not include you or your employees, however. That coverage would fall under Workers Compensation.

Will a general liability policy cover legal fees?

Even if you’re in the right on a contract or dispute, attorney fees can really add up fast. Thankfully, this policy will kick in if you, an employee or one of your products or services causes harm or damage to another party. It will also cover you in situations of slander or libel.

Does general liability cover business mistakes?

Unfortunately, no. General liability will not cover you if you make a mistake. However, professional liability does. Ask the team at Burkhart Insurance about specific professional liability coverages for your industry. We’ll walk you through the products you need and make sure you’re covered.

Can I add any enhancements to my policy?

Absolutely! This is also a good way for Burkhart to make a policy completely unique for your business – making sure you’re getting the right coverage at the right price. We have quite a few options we can talk you through when looking at adding to a general liability policy. Some of the key things you’ll want to consider include: adding coverage for liability from employment practices; damage to customers’ property in your care, custody, or control; damage to electronic data; and expanded liability coverage for damage to rented properties.