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Medical Supplement Insurance

Close the Gap Between What You Need and Medicare.

Medicare helps those over age 65 cover some of their health care costs. It doesn’t cover everything, though. Medicare Supplement Insurance helps close the gaps between what you need and what the government will pay without straining your budget. Plan F is typically the most popular as it is the most comprehensive. If you purchase this plan, you will rarely pay medical bills, because all medical and hospital deductibles and co-payments are covered.

Which Medicare Supplement plans does Burkhart Insurance offer?

  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Pekin Life Insurance Company
  • United of Omaha Life Insurance Company

What are my next steps for getting a supplement plan?

Let Burkhart Insurance help you work through all the supplemental plans available and determine which option is best for you. Contact Mike Thomas to discover how easy a Medicare Supplement with Burkhart Insurance can be.