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Quality Server Training to Help Manage Your Risk.

Food and beverage safety are always a top concern for business owners that work in the food industry. But do your employees know the guidelines and rules? Do you have a training plan in place to make sure current and new employees are following proper food and beverage safety protocols? Burkhart Insurance can help. We offer an extensive Server Training course that highlights top food and beverage safety tips and more. We will even customize the program to touch on topics that make the most sense for your business. Accidents can still happen, but our Server Training program is a great way to help manage your risk and reduce costly claims.

Server Training available at no cost to our insureds

  • 2-hour training course with an examination over course materials at the end
  • Training for alcohol providers (required by the law in the state of Indiana)
  • A value of $10-$30 per participant – depending on topics selected
  • Certificate of Completion awarded to each attendee following the successful completion of the course

Food and beverage safety topics

  • Proper food handling and storage
  • Hot beverage safety
  • Personal hygiene for workers
  • Cut and burn prevention

Risk Management practices to avoid food-borne illnesses

  • Create a comprehensive food safety plan
  • Establish employee health policies to reduce the risk of transmitting foodborne illness
  • Create and enforce policies to ensure employees handle food safely

Schedule your business’ Server Training and Risk Management class, call 1-800-737-3600.

Please note that class requests must be made a minimum of seven days in advance.

Workplace Safety is a Major Concern for Every Business.

At Burkhart Insurance, we believe all employees deserve to have a safe work environment to come to on a daily basis. But it isn’t just a benefit to your employees. It helps your business, too! Workplace injuries put a strain on your business. Not only do you have to deal with high (and increasing) costs of Workers’ Compensation coverage, but you also have to cover an employee’s position if they are unable to fulfill his or her duties. Thankfully, Burkhart Insurance has a program in place that helps you manage your risk and get your business to a place where your Workers’ Compensation premiums are back in your control.

Risk Management services available

Let us help you develop safe work practices to build a safer work environment. We recommend you utilize the following Risk Management services to help you and your employees prevent or reduce workplace injuries from occurring.

  • Quarterly reporting of workers’ compensation statistics
  • On-site assessments
  • Safety training
  • Assistance in developing and implementing safety programs within your company

Access a state-of-the-art meeting space, Burkhart Annex

In addition to proven Risk Management strategies, Burkhart can also help you host quarterly meetings and safety training for you and your staff. Our state-of-the-art Burkhart Annex is fully equipped with the tools you need. Plus, it’s a comfortable place to hang out and relax for a bit.

Ready to make your workplace a safer space?
Call 1-800-737-3600.