All Insurance is the Same! Until You Have a Claim… – Burkhart Insurance

All Insurance is the Same! Until You Have a Claim…

All Insurance is the Same! Until You Have a Claim…
January 1, 2016 mcdmarketing

All Insurance is the Same! Until You Have a Claim…

The Cut Corner Café is an establishment down the street from your home. There they are known for their bad service and even worse food. Now the news of their many health code violations has become public. Management has done the bare minimum to pass their inspections and is now advertising heavily for a grand reopening; however, the same menu and lackluster staff remain. Would you consider eating here? More than likely you would avoid such a place, even though it means traveling to the next town to eat at the Delectable Diner. You certainly wouldn’t argue that “food is food” or “all restaurants are the same”. Now imagine the same scenario – with your insurance company. Too many well-known insurance companies afford millions of dollars for advertising by cutting corners on customer service and their product. So why are we so likely to buy insurance from a company that has multiple complaints with the Department of Insurance? Why are we so quick to say that all insurance is the same?

In the “do-it-yourself” world we live in today, purchasing insurance online seems like a dream come true. You simply plug your information in the boxes provided, choose how much coverage you want, and presto! Your “affordable” quote shows up. But did you know the standard auto insurance policy is thirteen pages long? More than three of these pages outline exclusions (events NOT covered by your policy). For instance, you may believe that your liability only policy will cover you in the event that you are the victim of a hit and run. Unfortunately, your insurance will only cover a hit and run if you carry collision coverage. Is your insurance really “affordable” if it doesn’t cover a loss? Is it worth saving a few dollars a month if you have to buy a new car after an accident that could have been covered?

More often than not, coverages excluded by a policy can be added back to a policy as an endorsement (additional coverage added to a policy for a fee). These coverages are often inexpensive and provide valuable compensation should you have a claim. For example, new vehicles are often eligible for a replacement cost endorsement. We all know that the value of a new vehicle depreciates immediately after driving off the car lot. A replacement cost endorsement will replace your vehicle for its value when it is brand new rather than offering the depreciated value.

Insurance is NOT a commodity. While you can purchase the same limits anywhere, not every person you work with is a licensed agent who understands the ins and outs of an insurance policy. All insurance is the same – until you have a claim. At that point, your insurance becomes a legally binding contract which may or may not cover damages to your vehicle or, even more importantly, pay your medical bills or defend you in a court of law.

While we may be confident learning how to “do-it-yourself” in many areas of our lives, others are well worth the cost of visiting a trained professional. Should the need arise for stitches you would consult a doctor. If someone were to name you in a lawsuit you would hire a lawyer to protect your assets. Likewise, in the event of a terrible accident you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will be taken care of. An online quote CANNOT offer this. A trained professional is the best option. Visit one of the thirteen licensed agents at Burkhart Insurance today to get a quote tailored to your unique needs!